• 35×55.5 Cm Archer Janissary Ceramic Painting

    35×55.5 Cm Archer Janissary Ceramic Painting

    He would whisper the “Archer Secret” in his ear while delivering the bow and arrow to those who wanted to be an archer. This secret, which was not whispered to anyone except the archers, lived with the Ottomans. That secret is the 17th of Surat al-Anfal. It was the verse: “When you threw it, you did not throw it. God threw. ”

    Our Archer Janissary Ceramic Table model is inspired by the janissaries who constitute the top class military regular forces of the Ottoman empire. This painting is a unique piece of ceramic art from tradition to the future. Behind the Janissary figure, symbols of the period such as Galata Tower and Süleymaniye Mosque are also depicted. Our table has been presented to you, our valued customers, in a silver special emafil frame. The interior dimensions of the painting, made by combining two tiles in a frame, are 20×40 cm. The motifs of this painting, inspired and decorated by the janissaries, one of the most disciplined soldiers of history, await you, our valued customers, to decorate their home and workplaces. In addition, they are one of the special and meaningful products that you can gift to your loved ones. Our brand new specially designed table is 100% handcrafted origin is Turkey. Our product is shipped to all domestic and international locations with a special package insured and guaranteed.

    Our products are produced as a special series and can be made in the color, design and size you want according to your order.

    $ 295,00
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