What is Tile ?

Tile, the history of tile since the days of the most magnificent being used as a dense and architectural ornament of our work is. Started to be used in conjunction with the architectural tiles, especially after the mosque complex, the palace was used as intensively as in older works and some of them came up to the present. Tile walls, pillars, altar, pulpit, as well as decorative panels also are used. 2 × 2, 3 × 3 … size panels used in the tile and composition with many figures in the art to replace the tiles began.

In particular tiles used in the exterior of the container (depending on preference can also be used in other products), are produced from raw materials called quartz or stone. And much more than tile heavy cost (up to 10 times) that these biscuits, cracking, deterioration, color cast, such as face many problems can be resisted for years. Therefore, the persistence of the more important places, quartz is used as a biscuit. Predictably with tiles in the tile work is one of the biggest problems is to ensure color harmony. Especially in the oven another party before entering the parts is very difficult to keep the color of the parts. This sometimes requires the entire board to do it again to the ceramist opens huge losses.

Architectural coatings used in mosques as big as today’s technology through tiles is done with the help of machines does not hold the color, pattern, also help to prevent such problems can not match. Mass production made with these tiles is of course done by hand nor is much cheaper. In general, especially with machine-made diamonds are created in the structures of small and ongoing patterns are preferred. These patterns, covering an entire wall of the eye that reveal the beauty of tile has been going on. But the panel is smaller than a picture or can be reflected in miniature china. Tiles made from pictures of the color of vitality thanks to the tile looks great.